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Aspen's application switching solution provides 99.999 % reliability and maximizes WAN performance - while avoiding the risk of enterprise application failures.
- Transparent, non-disruptive application switch architecture
- Fine grained controls over application bandwidth usage over multiple ISPs
- High quality, high touch service and support to both end users and partners alike

  Introducing the Aspen 365 Multi-link Application WAN Switch

  Solutions For:

   Hosted VoIP Providers

   Hospitality P2P Control

   Optimizing A Premises Based IP PBX

   VPN Failover And Redundancy

   Multi-WAN Router Applications

   Web Hosting Providers

   Application Load Balancing

         And Bandwidth Control

Customer and Partner Testimonials

"I looked at their product line and said, 'Huh. This thing is pretty cool!"

                                   -- Gerald Liebhardt,
                                       Manager of Information Technologies,
                                       True Partners Consulting --

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"Aspen-Networks has been a great partner to keep us always connected for the past years. Whenever there is an issue, they are always there for me. A number of times one or more of our Internet pipes went down and our office was able to continue to function as if nothing had happened. That's awesome!!!"

                                    -- Kam Lai,
                                        IT Director,
                                        Visionael Corporation --

We are a BroadSoft Certified VoIP Partner.

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